St. Benoit Milk

Whole Milk - 1 Quart

Taking milk back to its real food basics with good fats & A2 proteins.

We get it: There are A LOT of milk and alternatives out there. It can be overwhelming. But we believe in keeping things simple and taking things back to basics. Organic milk sourced from healthy, well-cared-for, pasture-raised cows near our own creamery. Twenty-six miles to be exact. It’s minimally processed – pasteurized and bottled and no fillers or additives. Check out the rich cream top in each bottle. Packed with good fats and digestible A2 proteins, it’s the better-for-you milk we want.

Whole Milk - 1 Quart

150 Calories

8g Protein

Full-Fat Goodness


Grade A Pasteurized Organic Jersey Cow’s Milk (Whole)