Our Philosophy

“I believe the land we benefit from is unique and as a business we want to protect it”


Since we started our business in 2004, this philosophy has guided all of our decisions at Saint Benoît Creamery, to help us establish a way of doing things that returns to a tradition of place, where products are made in small batches from the terroir of the land. We are committed to preserving the environment and employ many ecologically friendly practices in our work. Many of these practices are simply common sense and age-old traditions of conserving whenever possible.

We are proud to be making our yogurt and milk on a farm that is a model of sustainable agriculture in Two Rock, Sonoma county, California.

Here are some of the ways we’ve positively impacted the environment since we got started.

2 Million plastic cups saved from landfill

Since we started business in July 2004 though our reusable container system, and now in 2014 with our recyclable glass containers, we’ve kept two million plastic cups out of the landfill .


20 acres of land equals 2 million plastic cups

Twenty acres is the equivalent amount of land that two million plastic cups would cover if they were placed side by side upright on a flat surface.

glass container in circle

The glass containers we use for all of our products can be easily recycled or reused, and keep the quality of the yogurt free from any unwanted chemicals leaching into the yogurt during incubation.

recycling symbol

Any expired yogurt that stores return to us is fed to livestock on the farm (pigs, goats), providing them with excellent quality organic nutrition. (The pigs are especially fond of old french vanilla yogurts and come running when they see us arrive!)