Natural and indepdent retailers across California carry our small and large yogurts as well as our milk. Outside of California in the West, you can find our yogurts in natural retailers and coops.

Yes! We believe in real food, made right - so we follow and support organic practices. Our products are certified organic by the USDA and CCOF. 

Yes, everything we make uses pasteurized milk. It allows us to create good food with better shelf life and reach. 

No. We believe in real food, made right without any unecessary thickeners or stabilizers. WIth our yogurt, it's milk and cultures - that's it.

Our yogurt is very different than, say, Greek style. We don't strain the yogurt, or use powders or corn starch to thicken the yogurt. As a result, we're much lighter, still creamy, and with a balanced flavor (not too tangy or mild).

It starts with our delicious, organic, pasture-raised Jersey cow's milk. Then, we add cultures and let the milk set in the jars. This preserves all the whey and live active cultures, making it really good! 

That beautiful layer is cream!

The cream is literally rising to top of the organic Jersey cow's milk. It's not mold or anything bad. Just butterfat 🙂

You can stir to mix into the yogurt or eat as is. Some people even remove it. But we think it's the best part.

Our delicious organic milk is whole (full fat!) and comes from pasture-raised (good fats!) Jersey cows in Sonoma County. It's in every quart of milk and jar of yogurt we make. 

Yes they do! Our yogurts and milk and made completely with the milk of Jersey cows. They're dominant in the A2 beta casein protein - making it more digestible for some folks. There are some A1 proteins, but not to the same levels as other milk.

Well, for one, they're just SO CUTE.

Smaller than the black and white cows you may seen in a pasture, our doe-eyed ladies are beige-to-buff-to-rust colored. Their compact size, sturdiness, and curiosity are perfect to wander and explore the terrain which they do year round in Sonoma County. 

Genetically, don't know produce a lot of milk. And that suits us just fine since their milk is typically richer and tastier with more butterfat (enriched with good fats from their pasture grazing). 

Did we mention how cute they are?

A2 is type of beta-casein protein found in milk. Cow's milk contains two types of these proteins - A1 & A2. Most dairy products on the market shelves are dominant in A1 since the milk comes from cows that produce a lot of milk but not a lot of A2 protein. 

Some folks notice that they don't have tummy issues when they enjoy dairy that's dominantly A2 protein. Why? A2 has an amino acid structure that doesn't cause G.I. distress the way A1 proteins can (A2 is also the dominant protien in human breast milk). 

You can find A2 dominance in breeds of cow like Jersey which is what we use. 

Keep in mind, anyone with a dairy allergy (all milk proteins) or lactose intolerance shouldn't try out products - we want you to be safe and happy!

We're big fans of reusing and recycling - we encourage it! Our BFFs love re-using them in a variety of ways. 

CUPS are perfect for storing snacks, or prepping and holding dips, vinaigrettes and sauces. Beyond food uses, they're a lovely way to store and display things like toiletries, craft supplies, and jewelry. 

JARS are perfect for meals-on-the-go: Layer your favorite vegetables, proteins, and superfoods for a mason jar salad. You can also use them to store leftovers or the fruits of all your meal prepping labor. 

We stopped the milk bottle redemption program in May 2018. While it was ideal when we started at farmers markets in the Bay Area, it wasn't as effective in helping the earth when other parts of the state ordered our milk.

Transporting the glass bottles round trip repeatedly across California and using so much hot water to sanitize bottles for re-use left us with a larger carbon footprint than we thought. So we're saving the fuel and carbon emissions and encouraging our milk lovers to re-use or recycle the bottles. 

As much as we want everyone to love St. Benoit yogurts, we want everyone to feel good about their food choices. 

So if you're lactose intolerant, we're gonna say - with love - to pass on our products. They'll have the natural lactose present in Jersey cow's milk.

Stay healthy and happy - stay away from all dairy if you're allergic to milk and dairy, period. 

Yes. One of the reasons we love working with Diamond M farm is that it is Validus Certified. It ensures that every animal is treated humanely without growth hormones, antibiotics, and feedlot conditions.

The farm is run by a generations-old family farmer who loves what he does. His family takes extra care of the cows. All that effort is worth it because the milk is delicious.

Our cows are pasture-raised in Sonoma County. They're free to roam the hilly terrain and forage on the grasses and plant life they find delicious.

Even during the warmer months, they're out in the pasture foraging. During that time they get additional calories from organic dry grass harvested from the farmer's property.

In the milking parlor they also get a mix of organic grains as a treat. We all love treats 🙂

One day, we'll be able to host guests! For now, our yogurt room is small and the farm is a private residence for the farmer. 

But if you want to see the landscape that our cows live in, you should check out the tasting room and store at Marin French Cheese Company - our sister creamery. It is GORGEOUS with delicious food (including our yogurts), wine, a small menu, and plenty of views.