To our Customers

It is after much consideration and with a heavy heart that we announce the closure of St. Benoit Creamery effective June 2, 2023. After many years producing the finest French-style yogurts, spoonable pot de crème, and fluid whole milk, a number of factors including rising operating costs due to inflation and the negative financial impacts of the COVID pandemic led to the difficult decision to cease operations.

Since the beginning, St. Benoit Creamery has been an organic and artisanal dairy manufacturer, operating on the principles of real food, clean labels, and sustainable practices. Over the years, we’ve become known in Sonoma County and beyond for our glass containers, our experienced team of dairy professionals, and our exceptional dairy products, and it’s been an honor to share our best-in-class yogurts, desserts, and milk with you.

We are grateful for our longtime customers, partners, and suppliers for their years of support, and especially to our amazing farmer and the employees of our team for their dedicated years of service, without which we would not have been able to share St. Benoit Creamery with our loyal customers.

Thank you for all the great years, and we hope you’ll continue supporting companies in your community that are making great food that you can feel really good about.

St Benoit Creamery team