Yogurt Cheese

The St. Benoit Creamery family recently developed a new product to tempt your palate and cooking skills. In keeping with our artisan and terroir roots, our new yogurt cheese is a simple and delicious creamy dairy product full of all the healthy live cultures you find in our yogurts sold in our same ceramic crocks. It can be eaten cold straight out of the crock, as a spread or dip, used in baking or sauces, and is a healthy alternative to cream cheese or crème fraîche.

Of course we remain true to our goals by using the same pasture-fed organic jersey cows’ milk and live active cultures found in our yogurt, and then add just a hint of sea salt at the end–Just three wholesome ingredients; organic pasture-fed jersey cows’ milk, live active culture and sea salt. Because there is no added cooking time the probiotics remain live. It has a very low lactose content and few carbohydrates.

Yogurt cheese is wonderful alone on raw vegetables and pita chips, spread on a sandwich or bagel, spooned on pasta or salad in place of goat cheese, and can even be baked in a cheesecake or soufflé. Try out one of our recipes or experiment in your own!

Bon appétit!